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         STAY OUT OF THE JUNGLE! –Naga Vore-

*NOTE: The following contains a naga eating a boy. If vore offends you… Do not read this!
The following story is a request from- iamarandomninja
If you would like me to write a specific vore story, please feel free to note me or comment. I would be glad to! Requests are free. I'll get to it as soon as I can, but I am busy with school and stuff, so it may be a while.
*NOTE: The following story is told from two viewpoints- the boy's and the naga's

(*HENRY*) "Stay out of the jungle, Henry!" My mother warns me as I play outside. I used to live in New York City, but after having moved to an African jungle, life has been very different. For starters, I can see animals I've never seen before. Mysterious bugs of all colors of the rainbow can be see sucking sap from a tree, and massive snakes of various hues slither on the ground, looking for food.

I don't need to worry, though, the area surrounding my house is mostly safe- and I'm in a small African village with people who, oddly enough, share similar interests with me. However, my back yard is nearly completely jungle. My mother is always worried sick about me, even though I never leave the yard. She changed greatly since the time my father went deep into the jungle and never returned.

One day- I know I'll find my father, one day…… Maybe soon. My best friend, Udo, a boy from my village, offered to go into the jungle with me to find my dad. I think I'll take him up on that offer.

(*NAGA*) Food has been scarce of late. I have searched the jungle searching for creatures to eat, yet I have always returned with an empty stomach. My parents are ashamed of me. My parents and I live in a village by the river. There, we Naga bring food from the jungle and share it with the other villagers.

Due to my failure, my village has threatened to banish me. I only have one day to get the village a decent meal- or else, I'll be shunned.

(*HENRY*) "We leave tomorrow at noon!" Udo tells me. We'll soon find my father- I know it! Udo and I go to our huts and sleep. Tomorrow, we'll be on a journey!

The morning arrives quicker than expected, and my mother lets me play outside, once again warning me of the dangers that lie within. I shrug it off- It can't be that dangerous! Udo and I meet up and depart.

The jungle is even more excited than I expected. Fantastical creatures roam the land, some big, some small. After what seems to be five hours, Udo and I realize that we forgot to pack the most essential thing- water! We have to move on, though, and search for water on the way. After another hour, we come across a large river, filled with crystal clear water!

Udo takes a bottle and fills it, saying, "For you, Henry!" I drink it, and then he drinks some. After a while, we filled any container we could find. Udo takes out a knife and hacks off a tree branch. I ask what he is doing. He responds, "I will make us a bottle." I immediately wonder why anybody would whittle a bottle out of wood, when Udo loses his balance and falls. The next thing I see, he is losing blood- he had cut himself on the knife!

(*NAGA*) "Go! Jynza! You have failed us as a son!" Damn it! I couldn't find a meal for my village, so I got banished, as promised. I hate it! "Naga Tradition" they say. I can't stand it! I'm not a good hunter! So what? I can still do something else!

I leave- I take all my possessions from my hut and depart. It turns out, however that I may just be fine! I see something- I may just be allowed back into the village after all. They'll praise me! I'll be Naga King, I know it! I find two boys, one of which is on the ground, his leg badly injured. I'm so hungry I can't stand it! Dinner is served!

(*HENRY*) I don't know what to do! Udo is bleeding, and we're hours from the village. I want to run for help, but I can't! I don't know if anybody's out there! "HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!" I yell.

(*NAGA*) How delicious! My dinner is even yelling, further giving away its location. I go up there, mouth wide open, waiting to swallowing them alive. They scream in fear, but that only makes me like it more. One boy runs, I throw a rock at him to stop him, and he falls on the ground, knocked out cold. The other can't move. I make my move on him, and he pulls out a knife. I merely knock it onto the ground and start my feast.

The boy screams, loudly. I grab him and start pulling him, headfirst, into my mouth. There he screams louder, but his cries are muffled by my throat. His taste spreads across my tongue and I smile. With one final GULP! I move on to the next one.

(*HENRY*) Udo is still bleeding on the ground. I continue to cry for help, and it worked! Somebody is coming to help me! "Hey, my friend is injured and-" I stop midsentence. I can't believe my eyes. This CAN'T be happening. This isn't real… it must be a nightmare…

Instead of a human, a reptilian half-snake half-human beast slithers across the river, licking is slimy, scaly lips. It smiles. Udo can't believe his eyes either, and starts screaming. I immediately run, abandoning Udo. I know I can't run with him- he'd slow me down. Either way he'll die, I mean, he can't even move.

As I run I feel something blunt and hard crack against the back of my head. I fall down to the ground, hard, and brake several teeth. The pain is almost unbearable, but I know if I move the thing will just throw another rock. I watch in horror as Udo pulls out a knife and points it at the monster, but the monster takes one muscular hand and knocks it away. Then… I see--- I see the worst thing imaginable. I can't believe my eyes. This can't be happening… IT CAN'T!

I see the beast open up its wide, gaping jaws. Spit drips from its gaping maw, its tongue long, forked on the end, waiting for its next meal. And then, the thing--- it… starts to swallow Udo! I hear Udo's cries of terror as the beast starts pulling him into its throat. I hear the cries muffle as Udo starts sliding down the creature's mouth… next thing I know… the thing closes its mouth and swallows, and a large lump goes from the creature's throat to its midsection.

I'm in shock. My best friend is swallowed, and I am likely to be next. I'm right- thing starts slithering over to me, and smiles. Its smile is evil. A strand of drool drips from the corners of its mouth onto my shoulder. I start to cry. "Don't worry… boy. Sssooon all of your troublesss will be over! Jusssst closssse your eyessss and it will all be over…" It hisses. Was it trying to comfort me, or was it mocking me?

As I wonder, a long, pale, slimy tongue licks my face, covering my head in drool and saliva. I whimper, but the creature seems to like this. I see its eyes- Dark blue, like the rest of the beast's body. Its eyes have a twinkle. They look at me, as if to say, "I win! You lose! You're mine!" I whimper again.

"Now boy… underssstand my viewpoint. Nagassss have to eat too. Be a big boy. Pleassssssse." The tongue licks me again. I'm too scared to move. It smiles.

"You tassste good! Well, ssssorry…. But… into my ssstomach you go!" Its mouth starts to open wide. It reveals a long, pale-pink tongue, drenched in saliva. Its mouth is greyish-pink and appears very wet. The scariest part is the throat- it pulsates, it contracts- It's waiting for me. Its throat is waiting to swallow me whole!

Soon I feel muscular arms lift me, and pull me headfirst into its mouth. I slide between two large fangs into the back of its mouth. The back of its tongue is strong and muscular, yet oddly soft. I feel the creature breath. It's warm and very humid. The more it breaths, the more scared I become. I can slowly feel myself being pulled into the creature's throat.  I try not to breath- the stench of its mouth is nearly unbearable. It doesn't even care! All I am to this thing is food! Can't it understand how scared I am? I feel the creature's uvula caress the back of my head. I whimper. I know that I am close to this thing's throat- which means… I'll soon be swallowed-…whole.

I move my hands around. I feel the creature's fleshy mouth- wet and slimy. I want to know where I am…  my hands start dangling over something, and I realize that I am close to its esophagus.  The tongue starts moving, forcing me to the roof of its mouth and the letting me slide into the throat. It squeezes me very tightly. I am terrified of the entire thing. Soon, I lose consciousness as I find it hard to breath…………….

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT GOING INTO THE JUNGLE!!!" Huh--- what! I wake up in my bed. I see my father! He's standing by my bed with a concerned look on his face. Udo walks over and asks, "Are you alright?" Another man walks into my room- he bore a resemblance to my friend. I infer that he is Udo's father.

"Is everybody alright?" Udo's father asks. "Yes!" Udo and I both answer at the same time. My father talks. "I was able to escape the Naga village. The had me captured there for almost six months. After I had escaped, I had barely crossed the river when I found Henry, my son, and Udo being eaten by a Naga! I was able to kill the Naga, who I recognized as Jynza, the Naga King's son. Needless to say, I came quickly enough that they were both just fine! But I cannot impress upon you boys enough about how dangerous it is to enter the jungle!"

"Yes, Dad" I say. I'll never make the same mistake again.

… or will I???

A naga vore story...

A request from iamarandomninja. Please feel free to ask for a request. Note me or comment :-D
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Death to the Naha for being mean
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Not bad.
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lol cool one thing though arent most naga's girls?
(can you make me one? X3)
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Most of the Nagas I've heard of a boys. I hardly see girl nagas
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Weird. I rarely ever see any boy nagas.
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Cool thanks for the story. I know how you feel, it took me a mouth to finished my last story.
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