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Note: Contains soft, descriptive giantess vore. This story is slightly more graphic than my previous works. If this offends you, please do not read this. Also, if you have any requests at all, feel free to ask me. I make no guarantee, but I'll do my best to get to them. (For free, of course : - P)  

This is going to be kind of long, and have somewhat of a storyline.  Hope you enjoy   ; - )

Also, all resemblances of characters to real people, living or dead, is completely coincidental and fictitious.

Giantess Vore (Soft) II:
The Revenge

It seemed like just any other day, but something was off about it. Many in the small town of Brookview woke up that morning with a sinking feeling in their guts. It was as if they knew that something was wrong that day. Little did they know how wrong the events of that day would turn out to be.

On the news, one could hear about the usual: A lying politician, some random man blowing people up, taxes rising and falling, the weather, etc. Nothing should have been up that day. Maybe they knew. Maybe they didn't. But one thing was certain: Should the news have chosen to broadcast the truth, would anyone believe it, even for a second? The events that day were so odd, so unreasonable, that neither you nor I would have believed them if they were told to us. Nevertheless, something odd, something dangerous, was happening at that very second, in the town square of Brookview, though few knew about it, and few that did got to live to tell about it.

For you see, the event that was so strange, so unbelievable, was a giantess in the town square, at least four, maybe even five, stories tall, wreaking havoc in the town of Brookview. Going through the small town, the giantess was eating and (possibly accidentally, for she hated wasting good food) crushing people underneath her massive girth. Few people that she saw got away, and the few that did would be found and soon find themselves inside the giantess' massive stomach.

It seemed as if there was no hope at all, and maybe there wasn't, but there was one person, only one, who had the courage to fight her. His name, or what he was called, for his true name was unknown, was Quicksilver. He seemed old, yet he couldn't be a day over twenty. He seldom spoke, and when he did, it was almost never of himself or his past. Regardless of his personality, he was the last hope Brookview had. Quicksilver wore a grey suit and a wide-brimmed hat that shaded his face. He was an agent, trying to uncover the identity of the giantess, so maybe she could be stopped.

The giantess wasn't always a giantess. As a matter of fact, she became one on her own free will. When she was normal sized, her name was Elizabeth Devoré. She was a small, shy, blonde girl. She was very cute, very sweet, and always had her beautiful blonde hair in an adorable ponytail. Her beauty made her the envy of all the girls at her high school, and the fantasy of all the boys. As a result, she was bullied by the girls, and harassed by the boys.

One thing made Elizabeth stand out even more than her beauty: her fetish. Ever since Elizabeth was a small child, she liked vore. Even weirder, she liked voring things, and had always fantasized about swallowing people, whole and alive, and thinking of them squirming, wiggly, and digesting alive inside of her. As a result, she studied the arts of Black Magic, and learned how to make a mystical potion to make a person a giantess.. She planned to strike revenge on the town for making her miserable.

She went to the mall and found her worst enemy: Marissa White, who had harassed her the most. Marissa laughed at Elizabeth, called her horrible names, bullied her, pushed her around, and alienated her. Marissa was what you and I would call preppy.  Nevertheless, Marissa was about to get hers!

Elizabeth stuck her finger through the mall window and broke it, grabbed Marissa, and laughed evilly. "E-Elizabeth???" Marissa begged. "I-Is that y-you? What are you d-doing?" Marissa was terrified. Elizabeth smiled an evil, wicked smile. A smile that reflected the hell Marissa had put her through. "I'm eating you, Marissa. I want you to squirm and wiggle inside of me!"

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I didn't mean to call you those names… please… DON'T!" Marissa begged. But it was too late; Elizabeth opened up her mouth and stuck out her long, wet tongue. Marissa saw the tongue, which was much more massive than she was. Saliva dangled from the roof of her mouth and the tip of her tongue. It was obvious that Elizabeth was getting great pleasure from this.

Marissa begged Elizabeth, "LET ME GO!!!" Marissa begged. "OK!" Elizabeth laughed, and dropped Marissa into her open mouth. Marissa tried to escape. Marissa squirmed and wiggled, but she was so covered in saliva that nothing could be done. Elizabeth's mouth was dark and warm, and her tongue was so soft and squishy that Marissa could barely move. Marissa cried and wailed and was terrified, but this only pleased the giantess.

Elizabeth smiled, and swallowed Marissa whole. Marissa tried to escape as the giantess' tongue pushed her to the roof of the mouth, but she failed. The tongue squeezed her and forced her into the throat, where Marissa had abandoned all hope, and fell, headfirst, into the warm, large, slimy belly of the giantess. After about five seconds, Marissa was inside of Elizabeth's belly, and was being digested alive.

Elizabeth laughed an evil laugh. "ONE DOWN!" she laughed. "TWO TO GO!!"


A few miles away, Quicksilver received secret Intel that the giantess had feasted again. This time, her target was sixteen and a half year old Marissa White. Quicksilver read further into the record of Marissa White, and interviewed a few girls. With this, he hoped to unmask the identity of the giantess, who was so tall you could barely make her face out when you were standing on the ground.

"Are you Ariel Snow?" A low, scratchy grunt came out of the man. A girl with long brown hair sat across from his desk. She obviously had something to hide.

"Would you like to tell me anything?" "Ummm…no…." "DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME, GIRL!" Quicksilver wanted an answer, and not just any answer; Quicksilver wanted the truth. The anger in his eyes terrified Ariel.

"I- I- I'm not sure… b-but… w-well… Elizabeth…. Elizabeth Devoré. Marissa… and I… we… we…. Well… we…" Ariel was scared. "You and Marissa did WHAT?" Quicksilver was getting irritated, very quickly. "Who are you? Can I see your credentials?" Ariel asked.

Quicksilver gave a low, mysterious chuckle. "I am Quicksilver. Do you know what quicksilver is, girl?" he asked. "Is it… mercury?" she stuttered. "Yes, my dear, mercury. Isn't it odd to look at, as it slides around a dish, yet it all stays together? Oddly liquid, oddly solid. What happens if you ingest it, my dear?" he smiled. "You- You die?" Quicksilver smiled, "Yes, you die. So don't play with me girl!" "WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME?" Ariel asked.

"My true name, my past… it is for me to know. Not even this agency knows my name, let alone a teenage girl. I chose Quicksilver because I am deadly. Here is my badge. I am MORE than qualified. NOW TALK!"

"Okay… Marissa White,  Lenora Smith, and I… we bullied this one girl. Her name, was Elizabeth Devoré. I only did it to fit in! Now, Elizabeth has left school… and… that's all I really know!"

"Allow me to test your theory, my dear." An odd smile came across Quicksilver's face. "But be warned- should you be right…" Quicksilver broke into an evil laugh that terrified Ariel.


Elizabeth was walking through Brookview, swallowing people as she pleased, dangling them over her open throat, and dropping them in to be swallowed whole. She saw an airplane fly by, grabbed it, and shook the people out of it and into her mouth. One by one she swallowed people, feeling them resist and wiggle. But then, she saw a person that she had something… special in store for.

It was Ariel Snow, one of the three girls that harassed her. She was the one that did the least out of the three, but nonetheless, Ariel still stood by and watched it. Ariel laughed at her, embarrassed her, and encouraged the bullying to take place. She would pay for it in the same way Marissa did.

Ariel was tied to the flagpole at the high school. Unable to move, she couldn't avoid being untied by Elizabeth. Just then, a camera flashed. A picture had been taken of the giantess' face! Elizabeth looked around, but found nobody. "Oh well," she laughed. "I have something special for you, Ariel!"

"W-What are you going to do to me?" Ariel asked, terrified. "Why, sweet Ariel," Elizabeth smiled. "Do you miss Marissa?" "Yes, Elizabeth. What did you do to her?" Ariel demanded. "Nothing too bad," Elizabeth replied. "As a matter of fact, I was just about to take you to her."

Elizabeth opened up her mouth and went, "AHHHHH!" She figured the sound would strike more fear into her next meal. Revenge was so close, she could almost taste it! (Literally!)  Ariel was terrified, and struggled to avoid being eaten, but she knew she would fail.

Then, a long, pink tongue stuck out of the giantess' mouth and came towards Ariel's face. Ariel let out a squeal, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" "Tasting you, my dear." The tongue was so big, especially compared to Ariel. The tongue licked her, and took at least three seconds to complete the lick. Even worse, Elizabeth forced Ariel onto her tongue and rolled her around, fully absorbing her flavor. After a while, Elizabeth simply slurped Ariel into her mouth. Ariel was covered in spit and was miserable.

Slimy, wet, warm, smelly spit surrounded Ariel. The saliva was plentiful, and produced an oddly pleasurable tingling sensation. Elizabeth's breath was warm and somewhat smelly. The warmth, darkness, and softness of Elizabeth's mouth, however, produced an oddly comfortable feeling.

Ariel simply remained still as she was swallowed whole and alive, forced by Elizabeth's tongue into the back of the throat, where she fell into the esophagus. Then, she started to struggle. The esophagus was so tight and powerful. It caused painful sensations as it pulsed, but then forced her into Elizabeth's belly.

Ariel took out her flashlight and turned it on. What she saw was scary. A lot of people were sitting in the stomach, which looks of terror on their faces. Then, she saw Marissa, in a corner of the stomach, sobbing uncontrollably. "We deserve this… we bullied her badly…" she cried. Ariel sobbed, too. She would spend the rest of her life inside of her victim's belly. Maybe she did deserve this…


"Excuse me, Lenora Smith; is there anything you have to share with me? Do you have any questions to ask?" Quicksilver sat across from a girl with black hair and pigtails. She was very beautiful, and clearly arrogant.

"Excuse me, but, I like, plead the fifth." She said. "Save your stupid teen bullcrap for someone who cares. ANSWER ME!" "The fifth amendment says…" "I DON'T CARE!"

"I am agent Quicksilver and I am trying to save the town from digestion. Too bad for your friends, though… it's really too late…"

"YOU KNOW ABOUT ARIEL AND MARISSA! Like, what happened to my friends? I TOTALLY need to know." Quicksilver showed a picture of a giantess holding onto Ariel, about to eat her. "I have taken this picture of the giantess recently. Excuse me, Lenora, but do you know an Elizabeth Devoré?" "Yes, she's like, a loser!"

Quicksilver started to smile. He loved bursting people's bubbles. "That 'loser' swallowed your friends whole. Marissa and Ariel are rotting inside of Elizabeth's belly. If you don't watch out, you will too! So talk! What did you do to her that was so bad you drove her to this extreme behavior?"

"We… we pulled pranks, embarrassed her, bullied her…" Lenora was nervous. "Revenge, my dear, is soon to come. If I were you, I would be terrified. Now, come with me…"

"Elizabeth! I have her! The last one!" A mysterious man yelled towards a giantess, feasting upon the town. "WHAT!" Lenora was confused and terrified. Both Quicksilver and Elizabeth laughed evilly.

"Would you like to know the truth, Lenora?" Elizabeth asked. "Don't tell her!" Quicksilver blurted out.  Elizabeth only laughed "It's okay, Blain, she'll be in my tummy soon enough."

"Okay, then, let me tell my side, then you can tell yours." Quicksilver said. "I am not a secret agent. I assume you know Elizabeth came to me to learn the arts of Black Magic. She learned how to make a potion to make herself grow to gigantic size. My real name is Blain Krevins, a dark magician. I taught her how to do this. I pretended to be a secret agent in order to bring her to the three girls she sought revenge against, so she could swallow them alive!"

"WHAT! NO! This like, totally cannot be happening!" Lenora yelled. "But it is!!" Elizabeth yelled out. "All of your friends are in my belly, and you are about to meet them. You three treated me with such hatred it forced me to do this. My revenge is almost over."

And with that, Elizabeth picked Lenora up, using only her thumb and her index finger. As Lenora was brought closer and closer to Elizabeth's mouth, she became more and more terrified, and started to squirm and wiggle. Upon realizing that if she did succeed and got free that she would fall to her death, Lenora started to calm down and cry. Only two choices stood before Lenora: A painful fall, or digestion. Neither one of these sounded appealing, but since she was afraid of heights, and was already terrified, she decided to be swallowed.

Maybe, just maybe she could reason with Elizabeth? "Elizabeth… I'm sorry… I'm sorry about what Marissa, Ariel and I did to you. We never knew we had this much of an effect on you… please… forgive me…" Elizabeth didn't buy it. She knew that the only reason Lenora apologized was to avoid being eaten, so she replied, "Oh, NOW you're sorry! The only reason you are sorry is because you want to avoid being eaten! There's no way to avoid the inevitable. You will pay for what you did!"

Elizabeth opened up her mouth again. As Lenora looked down she saw the massive mouth that would swallow her whole. The tongue was long and wet. Lenora cringed as she saw Elizabeth's throat and uvula pulsate and flux. It became apparent that she would soon be feeling the wet, squeezing motion of Elizabeth's esophagus.

Elizabeth wasted no more time, she dropped Lenora right into her mouth. Lenora slid down the middle of the tongue and came to an abrupt stop. Lenora was covered in spit. The mouth was dark, wide, and slimy. Her nose was pressed into Elizabeth's tongue, and as she inhaled the breath of the giantess, she let out a scream. She couldn't believe this was happening. She wiggled and squirmed, trying to avoid the tongue as it pushed her to the roof of Elizabeth's mouth, but the more she struggled, the more she was soaked in saliva. This only made her wetter, and easier to swallow. She still didn't stop, she continued to struggle. She was slowly being swallowed whole, slowly being pushed farther and farther back into the giantess' mouth. She was slowly going through more of the wet, strong muscular tongue, until she had been forced into the very back of the mouth.

Lenora tried to struggle even more as the throat started to open wider, and flux faster, in anticipation for its final meal. After one more flick, Lenora heard a GULP, and fell, headfirst, into the giantess' esophagus. The esophagus was warmer than the mouth, and much less roomy. The esophagus squeezed Lenora as it pulsated slowly, forcing her into the stomach. Lenora tried to resist, but the esophagus only squeezed as pulsed harder and faster. Soon, Lenora was even wetter, warmer, and even more scared. In a few more mere moments, Lenora had been forced through the esophagus and into Elizabeth's stomach.

Elizabeth's stomach was very roomy. The stomach was even darker, warmer, and wetter than the rest of Elizabeth's body. The acids produced a somewhat painful sensation, yet the tingle felt oddly relaxing against Lenora's skin. Lenora yelled out, "Marissa? A-Ariel? Anyone? ARE YOU IN HERE? LIKE, PLEASE!!! HELP!"

"Is that you, Lenora?" A familiar voice came from nearby. "Yes, is this Marissa?" "No, I'm Ariel. Marissa fell asleep. She was starting to feel very weak after a while. Let me ask you something, Lenora, do you think we deserve this?"

"WHAT? NOBODY DESERVES THIS!!! So we were mean and horrible to Elizabeth. Do you think that anything, ANYTHING, that we could possibly do in, like, the entire UNIVERSE, could ever justify, EATING SOMEONE???" Lenora was stressed out and terrified.

"Hey, Lenora, chill out! It's not THAT bad in here. I mean, it is somewhat soft… and kinda fun, actually. But still… I think you're right. We were awful… and I mean AWFUL, to Elizabeth, but nobody deserves this." Ariel was the calmer of the two. It was as if she had come to terms with it. "Now, if I were you, Lenora, I would calm down, and try to get some sleep. I know the acids feel weird, but you might as well get over it. We're going to be in here for a LONG time."

Lenora let out a cry. She found a soft, squishy part of Elizabeth's stomach walls, and rested her head against them. It was plush, soft, wet, and oddly relaxing. It was, in a weird way, the best pillow Lenora had ever slept on. She cried herself to sleep as she slowly drifted into unconsciousness…

Elizabeth smiles. She had successfully gotten revenge on her enemies. In a few weeks, she would be back to normal. The only person who saw her face and lived to tell it was her magic teacher, who would never betray her. There was no way she would get caught. She laughed, "Payback, my dears, is truly a &*^%#!"
Another giantess vore, unrelated to my first. This one is somewhat longer and slightly more graphic than my previous stories. Feel free to comment, or make requests for another vore story. :-D
sashamustafina Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Mmmmm more please!!! I loved your first story about her
CatriamFlockentanz Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
Great Story! Is there a contination?
And if not here's a suggestion: Maybe Blain Krevins alias Quicksilver will get another pupil in arts of dark magic then both girls grow to gargantuan size and destroy an entire town during a giantess' cat-fight!
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